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The new Shell Helix Ultra TV ad featured a translucent, crystal car that allowed the viewer to see oil moving around its engine. Our brief was to extend this 'performance you can see' proposition.


TV audiences in the region of South America loved the idea of a crystal car and YouTube buzzed with users saying comments like, "I wish I had a crystal car”. We decided to create a smartphone game with the video playing inside that to allow the crystal car film to reach a wider audience.


Give people their own crystal car - or, rather, the engine part - within an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch game. Using the accelerometer feature, gamers could manoeuvre oil by tilting or tapping to reveal the inner workings of a crystal engine. This fun game tested dexterity while building brand engagement. It also spread the word of the campaign since users could challenge friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Art direction - Alex Kaminski

Design - Alex Kaminski

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