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The challenge is to successfully introduce Pulze:ID heated tobacco to the Czech Republic and Greece markets, establishing a strong foothold amidst competitors like IQOS. The target audience comprises Heavy Heated Tobacco users aged 35-50, demanding a satisfying and accessible alternative.


The insight lies in understanding the aspirations of the target audience. While these users have embraced heated tobacco, they seek an experience that resonates with their preferences and lifestyle. They desire a brand that speaks their language and offers a sense of belonging.


The solution entails positioning Pulze:ID as a revolutionary brand with the campaign line 'Not Your Usual.' By emphasising this distinctiveness, Pulze:ID can effectively communicate that it caters to the unique needs of its audience. Through user-focused innovation and relatable communication, Pulze:ID can redefine the heated tobacco experience, offering convenience, satisfaction, and camaraderie, thus creating a brand that resonates with its target audience and stands out in the market.nt experience as if she were in-store. A transactional gateway will also bridge payments, distribution of vouchers, gifting and an innovative auto-replenish function. 

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