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Homegate is an innovative Wifi booster designed by Orange Technocentre to allow users to benefit from better connectivity and enhance their online experience, at home or at work. Orange needs marketing materials to promote Homegate and to educate the users on its innovative core functionalities and benefits. Make a television commercial for France, Spain, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Luxembourg, and Slovakia. User should quickly identify that Homegate is a WiFi booster for the Airbox.


Homegate vanishes the border between mobile and home broadband by giving the user access to a top internet connection on multiple devices, everywhere in the house or office. Getting Airbox + Homegate = Being Better Connected at home or at work.


A light and fun animation with an inspirational soundtrack showing how Homegate will liberate every corner of your home and your workplace too. With the CTA - Give your home a boost.

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