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Find a new and unique way to send Happy New Year wishes to Orange employees, COMEX members and corporate commercial contacts. Showcase the Essential brand frames and show Orange knows what matters to people.


Make it engaging, easy to use, personalise and send. The archetype at its core was a traditional Chinese Kongming Sky lantern. We called it Orange Wishes and created a social experiment with a dual purpose; Sending wishes and launching lanterns. Creating the idea of curiosity about what is the life journey of my wish carrier (lantern)? If we created a way to launch them in social media and create a physics engine of weather data over google maps then we could incentivise distance travelled and lanterns that stay in the air the longest.


Orange Wishes is a modern take on the spirit of new year wishes. It begins as a printed personalised pop-up lantern and a letter with a CTA explaining how to launch a virtual version of the lantern. We asked, ‘Where will your wish take you?’ And turned it into a competition to see whose virtual lantern would fly the furthest. Retweets and Likes could act like tiny fuel boosts. The winner gets to follow their lantern journey in a hot air balloon. Everyone outside of Orange employees were welcome to take part.

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