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Historically, Lloyd's have attracted good candidates to fill the 10-20 graduate places they offer. But they didn't feel they were drawing from as large or as rich a pool of candidates as they could be. The problem? Lloyd's is relatively unknown - to the extent that it's often mistaken for the bank. Added to which, insurance is not considered an attractive profession to many students.

Our challenge was to raise Lloyd's profile: to improve people's understanding of what they do by challenging some of the negative stereotypes of insurance, and so drive better quality applications.


We discovered that when people do know what Lloyd's do, they're intrigued - especially about the weird and wonderful things Lloyd's insures.

So our 'What's it worth?' challenge invited students and graduates to put a price on some of the most obscure things Lloyd's has famously insured, to win a £1,000 grand prize.

Over six weeks, we posed questions on Facebook about some of Lloyd's strangest insurance projects - the answers to which could only be found by exploring the Lloyd's website and learning more about the work they really do. Over the course of the campaign, we drove people to our Facebook hub with intriguing promotional activity on a few targeted campuses.

But 'What's it worth?' was also more than just a competition. The idea ran through the entire attraction campaign from brochures and exhibition stands through to banners and business cards to help reshape every candidate's perceptions of the nature of Lloyd's work.


Over the course of the campaign, we attracted participants from 76 universities, over the 11 campuses Lloyd's originally targeted. And our Facebook hub and received over 1,400 likes.

We saw a 9% increase in applications to the two full-time graduate programmes and a 232% increase for their summer internships. The quality of candidates was also an improvement, with nearly 70% of all applicants who

attended passing the assessment centres with the result that all places have now been filled for this years' intake. The campaign has also seen Lloyd's re-enter the Times Top 100.

Art direction - Alex Kaminski

Design - Alex Kaminski

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