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Royal Stunt


In the long, hot summer of 2013, as a precautionary measure, The Duchess of Cambridge was brought into St Mary's Hospital in Paddington to prepare for the birth of her first child, Prince George. Nearly every media outlet on the planet set up outside the doors of the Lindo Wing, waiting for Kate to go into labour. Day after day, week after week, in the sweltering heat, reporters gave updates from their perches across the street. Not many staunch Royalists would have sympathy for what some might say were the Paparazzi but in the midst of their suffering under that punishing sky, could there be an opportunity to NewsJack the actual people who write the news?


The parched World's Media needs a break.


Assemble a crack experiential team wearing red KitKat T-shirts in an ice cream van. Fill it with vanilla ice cream, cones and, most importantly, KitKat fingers. Drive to the Lindo Wing in the midday sun and then give a free KitKat 99 ice cream cone to everyone who wanted one who was rooted to the pavement with a microphone or a camera. We gave away over 300 free KitKat ice creams to very happy customers and some even came back for seconds.

Have a break, have a KitKat.

cream cones using Kit Kat chocolate fingers stuck into the vanilla ice cream. The footage was posted that evening on social media with the caption, ‘World’s media - you’ve been on Royal baby watch for weeks now in the scorching heat. Have a cool break on us. Have a break, have a Kit Kat.

k1tk4t pr355 br34k.mp4

k1tk4t pr355 br34k.mp4

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