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Supervision is fallible. You will do everything in your power to protect your kids and see that they never come to harm but sometimes when you're distracted, not often, you lose track of time and when you search for where your child was they have somehow vanished. You need to locate them quickly. 


There is a deep emotional insight around the experience of a parent the moment their young child goes missing. So a piece of technology to enable and maintain the line of sight between parent and child could become paramount in this out of home aspect of parental supervision.


Kiddie Compass is a system that helps you locate your children if they go out of your line of sight when playing outside or if they disappear when you are out shopping. It works simply by putting a GPS detectable waterproof wristband on your child and then syncing it to your smartphone kiddie compass app. The app has features to manage ring-fencing play areas and proximity alarms. It will also send a real-time alarm if the wristband doesn't move for the set period you allocate, so as to detect when the child has removed it.

Art direction - Alex Kaminski

Design - Alex Kaminski

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