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Casumo is a Swedish unorthodox online casino brand that is different from traditional online casinos. The brand is not well known in the UK amongst online casino players.


Casumo exists for people who are looking for something different. Big data inform us that upwards from the midlands, to the north and into Scotland exists an untapped audience who are regular, passionate online casino players.


Let's use influencers that our audience follow in social media to uncover unorthodox and unexpected games from across the UK. A documentary-style content series called 'Play Absurd' challenges each influencer to train up and play an expert in Bog Snorkelling, Lawn Mower Racing and Gurning. The idea put simply is that unorthodox gaming brings people together and if you play absurd you'll have more fun. So take a walk on the weird side and try Casumo.

Casumo egg throwing intro
Casumo egg throwing competition day
Casumo bog snorkelling film
Casumo bog snorkeling anto intro
Casumo wife carrying trailer
Casumo wife carrying competition day
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