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Brylcreem is an iconic hair styling brand with great heritage in fashion and sport. Proud since 1928 it was synonymous with the strap line "A little dab'll do ya" a reference to how much you needed to get great results. In the 21st century Brylcreem is successful in markets such as India due to cricket sponsorships of both individual players and the Indian Premier League (IPL). How could the brand be reactivated in the UK?


To style a quiff or a pomp you'll need more than just the product, you'll also need the right comb to achieve the right look. In the 50's men carried their combs around like we carry our smartphones today. If the look is so entwined with the product and the comb, let's bring a flavour of the 50's back but do it with a modern twist.


To turn a pop up London barber shop into a personalised 3D comb printing factory. Create an online booking system so customers can have a 45 minute tailored barbershop experience; the wash, the cut, the shave and the friendly banter from the barber. As each customer arrives, the system recognises their arrival and a 3D Printer begins making their personalised comb right in front of them. To build a unique comb from scratch takes 45 minutes so the customer leaves with a fantastic new look, their own comb and a discount option on the product range.

brylcreem_barbershop_01 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_02 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_08 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_09 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_11 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_13 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_12 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_14 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_05 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_10 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_03 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_04 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_17 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_16 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_15 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_19 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_18 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_07 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_06 copy
brylcreem_barbershop_20 copy


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